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Saturday, January 26, 2013

January's Wolf-Moon Is Here...

*January Wolf Moon Symbolism

Well it's that time once again my friends, so keep your eyes peeled for La Bella Luna tonight. Let's make a date to gaze up at the heavens at about 11:38 p.m. and bear witness to the enchanting power of the spiritual and mystical 'Wolf Moon'. Click on the title link above (*) to read more on its symbolism. Until next time my dear brethren, here's wishing you all a howling good time!


~Marlene Elder~

My best friend is truly misunderstood
She comes from nature like the earth and wood.
All the misconceptions about her, she must defend
They can't see, she has the gentleness of the wind.

My friend is mischevious; that's not just a rumor
But it's only her way of showing a sense of humor.
She has love and respect for the human race
Which never seems to be returned; what a disgrace.

My friend has a heart full of loyalty and love
Her grace and beauty were gifts from above.
She loves to frolic and run just for fun
Otherwise it's shade she seeks, to be out of the sun.

There are times you may not see her standing there
But, of your presence, you can bet she is aware.
When I look into her eyes, I see age old intelligence
When others see her, in fear they wince.

I love to watch my friend as she runs so free
Because my friend is a beautiful grey wolf, you see.


*The Guardian* 
~Rick Cantalupo~ 

You run like a spirit on a moon-lit night
And you travel the woodlands without a fright
Shifting through leaves like the midnight air
Nobody can see you but you are there
Like a guardian angel you follow the silent trail
Protecting your pack and helping the frail
Your eyes are never filled with hate and detest
And you're always making sure everyone is safe before you can rest
With your ears back and your nose pointed towards the heavens above
You let out a howl and start singing with love.
Everybody then knows it's safe and that morning will be there soon
As they listen to your song while you sing to the moon.
So if you hear shifting of the leaves, don't run and hide
It's just your guardian walking by your side.

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