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Saturday, January 18, 2014

'Rainbow Bridge'

Yesterday I made the very difficult and painful decision to put my little 15 y/o Calico, Cleo to sleep. Her health had been failing for about 2 years now due to Diabetes but began to rapidly deteriorate within the last 4 mos. She initially responded very well to the Insulin treatments, but for some time now, she'd been suffering with the complications brought on by the disease. I hadn't yet made the decision as to when and where, but knew it would have to happen soon. Alas, when I woke up yesterday morning as I was getting ready for work, I noticed she hadn't followed me into the kitchen as she always had, for 15 years. So I went looking for her only to find her still in bed. I lay down next to her, and all she did was look up, directly into my eyes and right then and there, we both knew the time had come. While at the Vet's office as he was preparing to administer the injections, he briefly left the room and came back with a box containing a leatherbound *Paws Remembrance* memento and he then proceeded to take imprints of my baby's paws. It was such a comforting gesture in the midst of such pain and I was grateful for it. Once home, I finally had the opportunity to open the box only to find this beautiful poem among its contents, which I wanted to share especially with fellow pet owners out there, who are currently facing the prospect of losing their furry loved one. I hope it comforts them in the same way that it has comforted me through this very difficult time.     

R.I.P, my Cleopatra...