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Sunday, May 13, 2012

'The Wallflowers' - New Album Update.....

The suspense is killing me Jakob! I'm at the edge of my seat awaiting the new album by The Wallflowers. A few days ago a new press release published Jakob's new single 'In The Arms Of A Ghost' (posted below), about the album Jakob says: “We haven't changed our stripes so much as we're continuing to redefine the animal.”  I would bet anything this song will be featured on the new season of 'True Blood', just a hunch ;). And wouldn't it just be so very serendipitous were it to be featured in the same episode which introduces the new vampire, Salome. Yeah, I know, wishful (delusional) thinking on my part but a gal can dream can't she? I digress, so all you Wallflowers fans out there, keep your eyes and ears peeled, well..., mainly your ears, for their soon to be released album and also, just for kicks, be sure to tune in to 'True Blood' this season. All I have to say is; Turn, Turn, Turn...

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