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Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Elephant...

I had an awesome dream last night wherein I found myself in the middle of a forest inside a hut when all of a sudden I heard strange noises and commotions coming from a distance. I tiptoed in order to get a peek from out the window and there in the distance, in all of its majestic glory, stood an elephant. I was in complete shock and awe which quickly turned into panic, as I noticed the beast begin to charge in my direction. I ducked down as close to the ground as possible all the while hearing and feeling the deafening thunderous pounding sounds rippling through my entire body. It felt like certain death was inescapable, but to my surprise, the loud thunderous sounds slowly began to subside, fading slowly into the distance. Somehow I managed to muster up the courage to pick myself up off the ground in order to take another peek, and there it was, ever so slowly,swaying its body from side to side as it made its way into the opposite end of the forest, ears waving in the air, trunk swinging from side to side until it was out of my sight. I've heard it said that the elephant is a symbol of good luck, so I guess all I need now are some shamrocks and I'll be set.

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