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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Glad All Over...

It is official, Wallflowers fans everywhere.., mission 'Glad All Over' is a 'GO' for launch on Oct. 2 2012. Take a listen to the newly released single from said album, 'Reboot The Mission' (click website link to listen). Listening to this track, I have to say, was a tad bitter-sweet for me; at times I could swear it was actually Joe Strummer singing instead. The single is indeed a beautiful tributary labor of love and an amazing feat which could solely be accomplished by pooling together the collaborative efforts of such uniquely talented musicians. Call me crazy but I thought I also detected a hint of  'The Steve Miller Band' at times. Well, just as with any talented magician, all it takes is one great musician, a subtle but very masterful, sleight of hand and.., voila!  Magic, definitely worth waiting for.

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