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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Downton Abbey; The Great Equalizer...

I'm taking a break from the task I've set out to complete this weekend which is to hunker down and once and for all, get through the entire first season of 'Downton Abbey'; I am now halfway through the season and am very happy to report that what for me started out as just a big Rorschach-esque blotch on film, is now finally beginning to emerge and take form in mine own eyes. What a fantastic artful "timepiece", so to speak, which takes us through the lives of both the servants and the aristocrats they loyally serve albeit, begrudgingly at times. The piece draws very similar parallels between the two as we see their struggles for justice and power within their own class and beyond the castle walls.The scenery is so captivating and the castle in itself at times, seems to come alive and appears to be just one more character playing its part in this winding suspenseful drama prudently tinged with subtle moments of humor. In other words, it's official, I'm hooked! As soon as I am done posting this, I'll grab my tea & crumpets ;), press play, then ep. #5 shall resume, bringing me ever closer to completing the mission at hand. Next weekend, Season #2, here I come!

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