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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Yes, Virginia...

That magical season is upon us once again, and it only comes but once a year. That time of year when all of us who are still young at heart get misty-eyed while listening to those Yuletide Carols of old which transport us to a joyful much simpler time; where all our wishes and dreams were possible and to boot, all with the help of one jolly and ever elusive, St. Nick.

We'd put all our hopes and wishes in his hands and why not? He had the ability to magically climb down our chimneys or to quietly walk right through our front doors and without as much as a peep, would very carefully place gifts under our beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Surely someone with such powers was capable of granting all of our wishes.

Although for most of us that time of innocence is long gone but nonetheless securely locked away in our heart's and mind's bank of fond and treasured memories, there are thousands of children this season who with great anticipation will go to sleep on December 24th awaiting Santa's visit only to wake up Christmas morning, rush to look under the tree only to find that although he or she was very good this year, Santa somehow missed their house.Unfortunately, for many children the reality of an empty tree is what awaits them on Christmas Day, as their parents will not be able to help make their wish come true due to lack of work and financial resources. But with your help and generosity you can help put a smile on the face of a boy or girl this Christmas while filling the hearts of his or her parents with love and thereby strengthen their faith in human kindness. You will help them to realize that the spirit of Christmas is indeed alive and well and will forever live on, as long as we are all willing to open up our hearts and help those who are in need. Follow the links for more information, hurry!

May you all have a very blessed Merry Christmas!

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